Newcastle Trays and Canopies provide solutions for commercial, industrial, fleet and recreational customers. We are able to provide pre delivery solutions, working with you and your choice of  Dealerships, or arrange a deal on your behalf. We can also provide workable solutions to your existing vehicle with our extensive range of trays, canopies and aftermarket products and services.


Newcastle Trays and Canopies provide solutions for commercial, industrial, mining and 4x4 customers. With our experienced team of qualified mechanics, this allows customization for your needs simple. Whether it's a dual battery system or upgraded suspension, we have the solutions for you.


Here at Newcastle Trays and Canopies the combination of quality products and services ensures you are equipping your vehicle specifically to your needs. Be sure to give us a call or call into the shop to see our knowledgeable staff for a professional recommendation. 

We also do a lot of work for industrial fleet work from car yards to smash repairers, Newcastle Trays and Canopies offer professional services and quality products at a low, reduced cost. Speak to our team about whether your fleet is a good fit with us.

Newcastle Trays and Canopies standard alloy tray
Newcastle Trays and Canopies standard alloy tray

Newcastle Trays and Canopies SMM Tradesman V2 Canopy
Newcastle Trays and Canopies SMM Tradesman V2 Canopy

Newcastle Trays and Canopies custom alloy canopy
Newcastle Trays and Canopies custom alloy canopy

Newcastle Trays and Canopies standard alloy tray
Newcastle Trays and Canopies standard alloy tray


Newcastle Trays and Canopies is also partnered with Opposite Lock Newcastle allowing us to offer our customers a huge variety in both trays and canopies and vehicle upgrades. The partnership also allows our staff to be very knowledgeable in every aspect of the industry from suspension to dual battery systems or tray and canopies. 

To seek professional recommendations for your vehicle, we encourage you to speak to our experienced staff to find the perfect solution for your unique needs.


Modify Your Ute To Suit More Purposes With Trays and Canopies

Trays and canopies are popular solutions for extending the functionality of utes of many sizes. From providing a simple way to transport heavier materials around a job site to creating a safe and secure space for all the tools of your trade, these modifications open the door to solutions you can't find on stock vehicles. Ideal for both work and recreational purposes, there's almost no limit to the number of ways you can customise ute trays and canopies. 

At Newcastle Trays and Canopies, we've built our business around better serving the drivers who have a keen interest in modifying their vehicles to get more value out of them. First, let's look at some of the ways our solutions can help you solve problems and offer convenience, then explore what our team brings to the table.


Problems You Can Solve With Ute Canopies From Newcastle Trays and Canopies

Providing additional utility and space is the key advantage to installing a canopy on the back of your ute. When you do, you can tackle frustrating problems with one simple solution. Those problems include:

  • A lack of storage space. One of the most common problems, especially for tradies, canopies instantly provide you with more storage and a way to easily organise all your tools and hardware.

  • No protection for your tools from the elements. Riding around with everything in your tray is one option, but the sun, rain, and dust can all degrade your equipment over time. A canopy keeps it safe, dry, and secure.

  • Few off-the-shelf options that fit your specific requirements. Some industries and even individuals have particular needs from their work vehicles that basic trays and canopies can't meet. Our custom solutions address those requirements directly.

What You Can Expect From Our Custom Ute Trays and Canopies

What is the process like when you work with our team to choose a canopy or tray for installation? We're committed to your satisfaction, so you can anticipate:

  • An extremely durable and well-built solution installed according to best practices for your safety. From our alloy and steel options to those built by leading manufacturers such as CSM, you'll find excellent value here.

  • A thorough conversation about what results you expect and what you both want and need from your new installation.

  • Access to a wide range of additional upgrade options for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle so you can accomplish all your customisation in one convenient place.


Why Trust Our Team With Your Ute Canopies in Newcastle?

When you invest in a new canopy, longevity is one of the most critical factors you'll consider alongside usefulness. At Newcastle Trays and Canopies, our attention to detail and reliance on industry-leading products ensures that our clients always receive superb outcomes from their work with us. Whether you need to modify one vehicle or ten, we always adhere to your requirements and perform work to the same level of quality we'd want to see performed on our own vehicles.

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