Newcastle Trays and Canopies provide solutions for commercial, industrial, fleet and recreational customers. We are able to provide pre delivery solutions, working with you and your choice of  Dealerships, or arrange a deal on your behalf. We can also provide workable solutions to your existing vehicle with our extensive range of trays, canopies and aftermarket products and services.


Newcastle Trays and Canopies provide solutions for commercial, industrial, mining and 4x4 customers. With our experienced team of qualified mechanics, this allows customization for your needs simple. Whether it's a dual battery system or upgraded suspension, we have the solutions for you.


Here at Newcastle Trays and Canopies the combination of quality products and services ensures you are equipping your vehicle specifically to your needs. Be sure to give us a call or call into the shop to see our knowledgeable staff for a professional recommendation. 

We also do a lot of work for industrial fleet work from car yards to smash repairers, Newcastle Trays and Canopies offer professional services and quality products at a low, reduced cost. Speak to our team about whether your fleet is a good fit with us.

Newcastle Trays and Canopies is also partnered with Opposite Lock Newcastle allowing us to offer our customers a huge variety in both trays and canopies and vehicle upgrades. The partnership also allows our staff to be very knowledgeable in every aspect of the industry from suspension to dual battery systems or tray and canopies. 

To seek professional recommendations for your vehicle, we encourage you to speak to our experienced staff to find the perfect solution for your unique needs.


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