Newcastle Trays and Canopies is not only your one stop shop for quality trays and canopies but is also able to offer you complete vehicle upgrades and services for your specific requirements.

Newcastle Trays and Canopies also has a partnership with Opposite Lock Newcastle allowing us to offer a large range of 4wd accessories and vehicle upgrades. Our knowledgeable staff have been in the industry for years so speak to us for fleet opportunities. 

Our Fleet range currently consists of car yards, smash repairers, Government fleet work and the mining industry. 


  • Complete solutions for all customer segments including Trades, Industry, Government, Mines, Recreational, Touring and the 4WD Enthusiast. 


  • Complete supply and installation service carried out by fully licenced and highly skilled tradesmen.


  • Pre delivery installations available through most dealerships.


Newcastle Trays and Canopies sells premium branded products at an affordable price with our fleet options. At Newcastle Trays and Canopies we make customising fleet vehicles easy as your one stop shop to customise accordingly to your needs. For further information and enquiries, call our knowledgeable staff at (02) 4915 9395.

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