NTC Alloy Tray Accessories 


35L Headboard Water Tank

Our Headboard Water Tank is a perfect solution for storing water without taking up precious storage in your canopy! We offer a full range of water tanks for different applications!
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LED Tail Light Options

Our most popular LED tail Light options include: 

- NTC Standard LED tail lights

- Ignite LED tail Lights

- MaxiLamp LED tail lights

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Trundle Drawer Unit

Our Rolloc Trundle Drawer units offer quality and practical storage solution for all of our alloy trays!

These are available in the following sizes: 
- 1500L
- 1800L 
- 2100L 

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Under Tray boxes

Our Under tray boxes are available in a single tapered option and a double tapered option! All of our boxes are designed to suit our trays with our rope rail cutout!

Please note that these are fully sealed however not 100% water tight.

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Rear Ladder Rack

Our Rear Ladder racks are essential trades requiring the use of ladders or transporting long resources! These are available in a 63mm option or a 72mm option! These rear ladder racks match the height of the headboard and roof racks if the vehicle has them!
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All of our Trays are manufactured locally built to order. When considering an alloy tray deck to mount a canopy, a headboard is an excellent option to finish of the look of the tray or if considering a lift off canopy!

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Opening Toolboxes

Our tray mounted toolboxes come in a few variations to consider! 

- Full opening or 3/4 opening
- With or without drawers underneath
- Length of drawer you require
- Smooth or chequerplate finish

If considering a full opening toolbox or toolbox with drawers, we are also able to offer tray sides cut so you do not have to drop the sides of the tray to open the toolboxes! 
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Center Number Plate Infill Bracket

Our locally manufactured trays offer a center number plate infill bracket which is available to all orders without trundle drawers! 

This infill bracket gives you the option of mounting the number plate in the center of the tray!

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Full Opening Toolboxes with Internal Drawers

We offer a few variations of drawer setups in our boxes! Offered in smooth or chequerplate!

The common sizing for theses are: 
- 1200L X 600W X 800H
- 1400L X 600W X 800H
- 1500L X 600W X 800H 
- 1700L X 600W X 800H 
- 1800L X 600W X 800H

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3/4 Opening with Drawers

Our 3/4 Opening toolboxes with drawers offer an organised and affordable solution for your trade setup!

(Available in smooth or chequerplate) 

The common sizing for these toolboxes are: 

- 1400L X 600W X 800H (2 drawers)

- 1500L X 600W X 800H (2 drawers)

- 1700L X 600W X 800H (3 drawers) 

- 1800L X 600W X 800H (3 drawers)

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