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NTC Alloy Tray Accessories 


All of our Trays are manufactured locally built to order. When considering an alloy tray deck to mount a canopy, a headboard is an excellent option to finish of the look of the tray or if considering a lift off canopy!


Trundle Drawer

Our Trundle Drawer Units are an incredibly practical storage solution for your Tray! Whether the vehicle is being used for Trade or Touring, trundle drawers are an excellent option to consider when inquiring about your NTC Alloy Tray!

Our Trundles are available in the following sizes:

 - 1500L

- 1800L 

- 2100L 

Under Tray boxes

Our Under Tray Toolboxes are an excellent storage option for all Trades and Tourers! Our NTC Double Tapered Underbody Toolboxes are designed with the cutout to suit the Rope Rail of our NTC Trays! These boxes sit flush with the outside of the trays, giving the trays a stylish finish!

*Please just note, these are not 100% water tight*


Rear Ladder Rack

Our NTC Rear Ladder Racks are essential for tradesmen utilising their trays to carry longer items! These are designed to height match the Headboard as well as any roof racks on the vehicle!

These are available in both 63mm and 73mm options!

35L Headboard Water Tank

Our Headboard Water Tank is a perfect solution for storing water without taking up precious storage in your canopy! We offer a full range of water tanks for different applications!

All NTC Trays are built to incorporate our Headboard Water Tanks! Just keep in mind, this is an accessory you want to decide on prior to fitting the tray to your vehicle!

NTC Headboard Water Tank.jpg

One Piece Guards

Our NTC One Piece Flared Guards are an upgrade to certainly consider to set your truly set your vehicle off! 

These one piece guards incorporate our Continuous Rope Rail design and are made to suit our Under Tray Boxes!

*Please just note these are only made to suit our Trays*

Heavy Duty Tray Latches

Our Heavy Duty Tray latches are a great option for all Tray builds! These offer a stylish, robust and comfortable accessory when using tray dropsides!

These unlike our standard tray latches come with the option of powdercoating!


Spare Wheel Holder

Our NTC Adjustable Spare Wheel holders are a great option for your Alloy Tray! These are designed to suit any size tyre up to 35"!


These are a bolt on accessory and can also be removed to fit our NTC Alloy Canopies!

Center Infill Panel

All NTC Alloy Trays without trundle drawers come with this center infill panel with the option of mounting your number plate to!


NTC Tail Light Options


NTC Standard LED Tail Lights

All NTC Trays come standard with LED Tail Lights! Our Standard Tail Lights are a great stylish and afforbable option!


Ignite LED Tail Lights

Our Ignite LED Tail Lights are our premium LED tail Light option to truly set your vehicle off!

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