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Basic Trade Package


Sizes for Dual Cab, Extra Cab and Single Cab available.

Our Basic Trade Package was constructed to serve our beloved Tradesman with a simple but perfect Tray setup for work! Our Heavy Duty Alloy Trays are carefully designed to put strength and practicality above all with the following unique Tray features! 

- Double Skinned Heavy Duty Dropsides which don't buckle when using Heavy Duty Tiedowns

- Uni Strut Channel integrated in all Dropsides and Headboard, allowing adjustable internal tiedown points anywhere inside the tray

- 225mm Dropsides for secured loads

- Continuous Rope Rail under the Tray for easy tiedown

- Heavy Duty Latches for comfort and durability

- Trundle Drawer option for super practical and convenient storage

- NTC Standard Heavy Duty Alloy Tray 

- 63mm Rear Ladder Rack 

- Heavy Duty Tray latches

- NTC LED Tail Lights

- Double Tapered Underbody Boxes to suit NTC Tray

- Trundle Drawer Units available in 1500L, 1800L or 2100L

Powdercoat is an additional extra.

For all alloy tray accessories, press here

What it includes:

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