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NTC Alloy Canopy Accessories 

Safety Dave Rear View Mirror Display + Camera

Our Standard Safety Dave Rear View Mirror Display + Camera is the finest rear vision option on the market for your canopy build! 

With all canopy builds, you sacrafice rear vision and overall safety. The safety Dave rear camera rectifies this issue and provides you with a wide view of vision out the rear! 

Our Safety Dave displays all allow the option for a second camera installed on your trailer or van! Easily switch between the two cameras by the press of a button!

These are commonly installed either on the Tray or on top of your Canopy!


Uni Strut / Overhang Rack Configuration

All of our standard canopies come equipped with internal bracing reinforcing the roof as well as our new uni-strut roof system! Instead of our ladder rack configuration, you can consider an overhanging rack plaform manufactured at our high quality factory!

Uni Strut / Ladder Rack Configuration

All of our standard canopies come equipped with internal bracing reinforcing the roof as well as our new uni-strut/ladder rack configuration, making the roof of our canopies fully universal and upgradeable to platform or overhang racks by just a few bolts!


Rear Wall Accessories

All NTC 2 Door Canopies come braced to suit our Rear Wall Bolt-on Accessories!

These Rear Wall Accessories can be added at any time by just a few bolts!

Our canopies are designed for the following rear wall layout: 

- NTC Adjustable Rear Wheel Carrier (Passenger Side) 

- NTC Rear Ladder (Center) 

- NTC Jerry Can Holder (Drivers Side)

Lift-Off System

Our Lift off System includes a fully reinforced floor, jacking holes, as well as heavy duty jacking legs! This makes it a bolt down and go for your weekender, separating work from recreation use!

Our Stainless Steel Lift off Legs supplied with all Lift off Canopies, are designed specifically to suit our canopies. These include 4x handles for manual Lift on/off or can be used by power tools!

Plug and Play Central Locking + 12V Accessories.jpg

Central Locking

Our Central locking units are wired up to the central locking in your vehicle! Whether it's grabbing tools or assurance protecting valueable items, the central locking makes it easy! All central locking units include the upraded and more secure whale tail locks!

Central locking units can come in Black, Black and chrome or just chrome!

NTC 12V Dual Battery Systems

Newcastle Trays and Canopies offer full 12V packages and solutions for all Trade or recreational use! All Dual Battery Systems are custom designed at different price points, tailored to suit each customers wants and needs!

Let our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff design the perfect 12V setup for you! 

All 12V Dual Battery Systems are installed in house by our highly skilled autoelectricians! 

The brands we use are Enerdrive and RedArc, both leaders in quality 12V systems!

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