Dual Battery Systems

Newcastle Trays and Canopies can supply and install a range of dual battery systems and 12V solutions customized to suit your requirements. Our fully licensed mechanics offer complete customization and setup to suit your needs and wants. As part of a dual battery installation we can include the fitment of solar panels, inverters, 240 Volt chargers and other accessories. 

A dual battery system can be used to run a huge variety of 12V appliances such as a fridge, lights, compressors, etc. With the addition of an inverter, you can also operate 240 Volt appliances from the vehicle. 

Solar panels can be added to a dual battery system to provide charge to the battery while the vehicle is stationary. 

We provide the option of deep cycle fully sealed wet cell, AGM and Lithium, supported by appropriate battery management systems. 

Come in and see our display dual battery system setup in the back of one of our display canopies and speak to our team to setup a dual battery system in your vehicle ideally for what you want. 

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12 Volt Accessories

Newcastle Trays and Canopies supply and fit fridge/freezers, air compressors and lighting such as driving lights, LED light bars, work lights and interior lighting. 

Enquire about our dual battery and 12 Volt accessory systems and speak to out knowledgeable staff to customize the ideal fit for your needs whether it be for work or recreational purposes. 

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