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Outback Armour Suspension

Outback Armour Suspension is your go to lift kit for upgrading your vehicles capability and spring rates without compromising your ride quality! Outback Armour has the reputation of a very comfortable suspension upgrade.

Key Features:

1. Ground Clearance Boost: Enjoy increased ground clearance, conquering obstacles effortlessly.

2. Superior Shock Absorption: Navigate rough terrains with ease, thanks to enhanced shock absorption for a smoother ride.

3. Built to Last: Crafted from top-tier materials, our suspension system ensures durability and corrosion resistance, promising longevity.

Tough Dog Suspension

Introducing Tough Dog Suspension – where durability meets performance. Elevate your off-road game with a suspension system that's built to conquer any terrain.

Why Tough Dog?

1. Unrivaled Durability: Built tough to endure the roughest conditions, Tough Dog Suspension ensures your vehicle remains resilient on every off-road journey.

2. Precision Performance: Experience precision engineering that delivers optimal performance across diverse terrains, from rocky trails to uneven surfaces.

Key Features:

1. Superior Ground Clearance: Navigate obstacles effortlessly with increased ground clearance, conquering challenging landscapes with ease.

2. Advanced Shock Absorption: Tough Dog's superior shock absorption ensures a smooth and controlled ride, handling bumps and obstacles seamlessly.

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