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Truck Trays


NTC Light Truck Tray

You asked, we answered with our new range of Quality Truck Trays! These locally manufactured Trays offer you the quality workmanship and customisation to setup your Light Truck exactly for what you need! Currently available are Isuzu NPR 45/55-155 Trays! We are expanding with other models shortly! If seeking our Tray for another model, we may need the vehicle for designing!

When designing our truck trays, we trully put quality and practicallity above all with these unique features!

- Double Skinned Heavy Duty Dropsides which don't buckle when using Heavy Duty Tiedowns

- Specially ordered Aluminium Decking to carry enormous weight for our Truck Trays

- Uni Strut Channel integrated in all Dropsides and Headboard, allowing adjustable internal tiedown points anywhere inside the tray

- High 325mm Dropsides for secured loads

- Continuous Rope Rail under the Tray for easy tiedown

- Heavy Duty Latches for comfort and durability

- Trundle Drawer option for super practical and convenient storage

-Headboard Mounting Brackets for Floodlights, - Safety Dave Cameras, and more

- Front and Rear Steps for Easy Access

- Headboard Access Handle

Guaranteed Quality Finish

From factory to fitment, quality finishing touches are in place throughout the whole process to ensure a quality finish! 

High quality materials are selected to ensure our Trays are able to withstand comfortably whatever you can throw at them! 

These are fitted in house by our team of highly skilled fitters, mechanics and autoelecticians!

Our Premium Ignite LED Truck Tail Lights combined with our expertly crafted trays, ensure you will turn some heads!


Customised Fitout!

Our customer base sure does vary, from Trade to Industrial customers, we have the products to offer!

Truck customisations include: 

- Bullbar / Protection Options

- Communications and UHF solutions

- Driving and Work Light solutions

- Minespec Solutions 

- Safety Features

- Access features such as Steps

- Sanitary Options with Water Tank Soap Dispensers

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