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CSM Half Open Centre

Half Open Centre.png

Sizes for Dual Cab, Extra Cab and Single Cab available.

The Half Open Centre Service Body gives you the maximum amount of open tray space, while still retaining protected and functional storage space in the form of two lockable cabinets. Benefit from being able to transport loose loads or bulky items, while still having a place to securely store your tools and equipment.

Key Features;​

  • Flush floors for easy and safer loading

  • Lift-up doors on gas struts providing weather protection

  • Large door openings for increased usable work space

  • Recessed doors for added security and enhanced aesthetics

  • 100% dust and waterproof guarantee

  • Unique multi-fit channels for mounting accessories and running accessory wiring harnesses

  • Integrated Roof rails for easy accessory mounting and no hole drilling on the roof required

  • 2mm aluminium construction for reduced weight and added strength

  • Warranted 2 Pak primed and paint finish

  • Heavy duty ergonomic latching with 2 point bars for added security

  • Heavy duty stainless steel piano hinges for durability

  • Open Tray area at the rear for storage of dirty equipment, tools, oil drums, jerry cans, and much more

  • Open centre section for carrying of longer items

  • Serial Number traceability for warranty and spare parts

  • 3 year 100,000km warranty

  • And a huge range of optional accessories and customisations, from internal drawers, to roof racks, underbody drawers, and much more.

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